Punk em All / Blizzcreeps, Restless Lesly u Fat Chester

Von 12 Januar 2019 20:00 bis 04:00
Kategorien: Punk´em All, Konzerte
Schlagworte: Punk, Punkrock


PUNK RAWK 'N' ROLL from Graz. Always honest, always thirsty!

Restless Lesly

Graz (Great Punk music for great people)

Fat Chester

Wien (Punk)

Straight ahead never look back - like a punch in your face! That’s FAT CHESTER a punkrock band formed 2016 in Austria. With their straight, melodic skate – punkrock FAT CHESTER typifies fun and drunkenness. But also problems of our f*cked up society are a major part of FAT CHESTER’s lyrics. Fortunately punkrock does not need many words, that’s why you can describe FAT CEHSTER easily with one of their phrases „I don’t give a shit – I’m just singing my song“