Punk em All w/ Heroes & Heroine u. Willy Wodka

Von 20 September 2019 19:00 bis 04:00
Kategorien: Punk´em All, Konzerte
Schlagworte: Punk, Punkrock

Heroes and Heroine (Wien)
"We met, bonded and played"

A little story of three punkrockers who met in Vienna, Austria in 2013 and decided to make music together.

Heroes and Heroine never had any intentions to be among the rich and famous…they just wanna do what they love and win the audience over by playin' their music.

While working on the second studio album, they do not miss the chance to visit Graz for some fat drum-, big guitar- and badass bass sounds!

Check out Heroes and Heroine on YouTube, Spotify or iTunes!

See you in September,
]-[ /-\ ]-[

Willi Wodka & Walt Whiskey (Graz)
WWWW ist die einzige und dadurch beste Vorband diesseits des Rio Grande.