Sigillum S / Arnaud Rivière & Olivier Di Placido / Emerge

Von 02 Mai 2019 20:00 bis 03 Mai 2019 01:00
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Sascha Stadlmeier (b. 1977)

has been releasing electroacoustic music with his project EMERGE on international labels such as Drone Records, Tâalem and Frozen Light since 2001. A composer working at the intersections of musique concrète, drone, and noise, he has also been an increasingly active presence in the field of free improvisation since 2016. In addition to live electronics, his improvisation practice involves guitar, bass, and amplified objects. Collaborations with other musicians from a very wide range of styles form an important part of his work, with collaborators including If,Bwana, Doc Wör Mirran and Toy Bizarre. He has been touring Europe extensively, with concerts in France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. His music has been presented at many international festivals including Avantgarde Festival, lab30, 20 years of MGNM, Zasavje Noisefest, Ecological Sound of Varna Fest and Autistic Campaign Fest. While a prolific composer and performer, Stadlmeier has also created various sound installations and a radiophonic composition for West German Radio’s renowned Studio of Acoustic Art. Since 2010, his label attenuation circuit has established itself as an important hub in the international experimental music scene, with releases by more than 100 artists from numerous countries to date. attenuation circuit also regularly organises concerts of experimental music at Stadlmeier’s home base in Augsburg, Germany. Arnaud Rivière & Olivier Di Placido Olivier Di Placido is a french guitarist and improviser. During the years he has developed an absolutely unique approach to his instrument, being able to play it like a turntable, a synthesizer or a gamelan orchestra. Interested in discovering all the possibilities of the guitar, including the most hidden ones, Olivier has litterally invented a new and hybrid instrument, with unfixed neck and moving pick-up. He plays all around Europe since more than ten years, collaborating with musicians and improvisers like Mario De Vega, Clare Cooper, Jassem Hindi, Mat Pogo, Arnaud Rivière, Fritz Welch, Anthea Caddy, Crank Sturgeon, SEC_ and Many Others(w/ Francesco Gregoretti),,,taking part to international festivals and shows.”(Flussi Festival, 2014) https://olivierdiplacido.wordpress.com/

Arnaud Rivière

( since 1974/ living in Paris) uses a rudimentary electroacoustic device built around a repaired turntable, a prepared-mixer and other primitive equipement that need manipulation – to make it brief-, Arnaud practises free improvisation, playing solo, in groups and through collaborations, since the late 90’s He has performed with musicians such as Roger Turner, Matin Tétreault, Erik M, John Boyle & Aya Onishi (Bayal and Nihilist Spasm Band), Alexandre Bellenger, JeanPhilippe Gross, Pascal Battus, Miho, Sophie Agnel, Martin Ng, Jean Noël Cognard, Anla Courtis (Reynols), Adam Bohman, Otomo Yoshihide, Joke Lanz, Aaron Moore & Daniel Padden & Lawrence Coleman (Volcano The Bear), Gert-Jan Prins, Ignaz Schick, Mario Gabola, Clayton Thomas, Olivier DiPlacido, DJ Sniff, Mat Pogo or Erik D’Orion Since more than 10 years, he has also been involved as a promoter for experimental music in Paris and around. After a solid time experience as booker for Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), he co-founded the festival Sonic Protest and still runs it. http://http.http.http.http.free.fr/ http://www.ursss.com/2016/09/arnaud-riviere/


The Irresistible Art Of Space Colonization And Its Mutation Implications”POST-APOCALYPTIC UTOPIA FOR BLACK HOLES AND ALIEN RETAILERSSIGILLUM S, the Italian deranged explorersof unknown territories among extreme electronics, fringe acoustics and occultistnoise,are backwith a new album, the first one featuring the line-up ofERALDO BERNOCCHI*, PAOLO “NG5361” BANDERA** AND BRUNO DORELLA***. Since 1985, SIGILLUM S have been continuously developing their own special brand of post-industrial audio investigations, where theories lead trajectoriesand sound is employed as a tool for mapping of neglected areas of the subconscious: now, with “THE IRRESISTIBLE ART OF SPACE COLONIZATION AND ITS MUTATION IMPLICATIONS”they are merging all sortsof territorial conceptualizations and defining an ever changing continuum of post-harshnessbeats and sudden shift in experimental atmospheres. The result isan endless paradigm of decadent electronic mutations, blendingconcrete research with acoustic transmigrationina glowing mixof magicalanomalies, radical knowledge and esoteric carnality:obsessionsfor psycho-geographic themes flow into a morbid collection of unprecedented galactic novelties and forgotten sound archaeologies.










“…thousands of people could be living in floating space colonies orbiting the Earth …as the Gravity is created artificially, this leads to question whether evolution will also get a boost from the higher rate of diversity, since cosmic models describe the time evolution of the phenotypic distribution of cells in space and radiation-resistant mutants from major ecological damage in nuclear meltdown fallout zones could pave the way for life on other planets. Some sort of novel protein-coding and biomolecule information could protect against life-threatening emissions: wildlife from contaminated regions couldalso yield insight into engineering crops that could survive the environment beyond Earth, especially highly irradiated worlds like those in the Jupiter system. At the sametime, bacteria which are more virulent could absorb unknown concentrations of human-made elements and start thwarting infections on many new dimensions…” https://sigillum-s.bandcamp.com