Total Rejects / Fake Fun / Head & Shoulders / Octopoulpe

Von 27 Mai 2019 20:00 bis 01:00
Kategorien: Konzerte
Schlagworte: Punk, HC Punk, Punkrock

Total Rejects

: trash garage punk from Russia

Loud and wild garage punk band formed by 4 russian rock'n'roll activists from Moscow and Perm in spring 2017 for the only one show but soon became locally famous because of their wild emotional perfomance and dirty sound. After a couple of self-destructing concerts in Moscow they go a successful tour to the eastern and southern Europe in the summer of 2018, followed by the crazy balkan tour in january 2019. Now they are going to their third European tour with the powerfull support of their new founded friends - Fake Fun.

Fake Fun:

hardcore punk from Russia

Old school HC band from St. Petersbourg, Russia. Angst, energy and pure punk rock sound with a powerfull live show. As they call by themselves their own style - "punk rock revivaling"

Head & Shoulders:

goregrind from Graz http://headandshoulders.bandcamp.com

Octopoulpe: one octopus band playing geek-core/hardcore punk with interactive videos, from France/Korea https://octopoulpe.bandcamp.com/

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